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Map of the hotel

It is located in Creative Cultural Park in No.46 Fangjia Hutong,  Dongcheng District of Beijing. Hotel is quite close to Yonghegong Lama Temple and Beijing Confucian Temple.

As to the transportation around the hotel,  it is very convenient that it is surrounded by subway line 2 and line 5 and you can walk to many famous places like Guijie Food Street,  Temple of Earth.

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住客评论 1684条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • dina0819
    My friend felt good about this hotel, with text decoration is from the norm.
  • gaoxiaopi1987
    Environment and transportation was convenient. rooms are too small.
  • Andrewbb
    Shower hardware and mattress can be, traffic convenient, some very close to the attractions, is bad sound effects, voices in the next room could be heard clearly, affect sleep quality.
  • emilie33
    Forget took photos has, on a Zhang, is clean health, environment really good, because in alley in, access of when total has a on live in this of feel, is old Beijing, around traffic also convenient, go several step on has Metro with bus station. next also is broke up contracts of framing one of, they home of cheese scholar cake is really good! next if again to Beijing, must also will select here of
  • e01429802
    Very chic hotel.
  • panjiafeng
    Really good, downstairs are feeling of the phonograph.
  • InLAND
    Very good style to highlight the theme hotel very good value
  • monica0317
    Hotel features have their own culture. is located in the downtown yet quiet. but room a bit small.
  • angel0820
    Very good, compared to country Inn is much better, everything in the room free, toiletries are there brands. in the alley, not too late to return to the hotel in the evening, a bit afraid, but if it is, that's OK, good courage!
  • erainy
    May is see has evaluation expected high, to shop Hou has small disappointed, room layout also can, pretty has features, but location General, in party home alley middle, Lama Temple, settled door, beixinqiao 3 a metro station formed corners square, hotel in middle, away from which points walk are is far, took with luggage pretty tired of, to attractions, dinner those pour also line, but price pendulum in that, not is cheap
  • muyou022
    Have moved for the second time, was famous because the hotel is close to Beijing, yummy (food Street) and Houhai. staff at the hotel were very friendly, room was clean.
  • bobopop
    Deep in the alley, surrounded by bars, eat pretty much eat easily. is also very hard to find. the hotel is quite distinctive, facilities were good, bed very comfortable. and then some very intimate things. alley, stroll in the evening makes me feel ... like it. Shortage of place, one bathroom only a curtain, and then directly at the toilet where there's mirrors so that curtains are not really used, or are outside a bath people. and then the curtain is quite dirty,Is I haven't purged. sink is a bit small. understanding the room size, but actually can design more reasonable. Sound is not very good, could hear next door ooxx voice. air conditioning was a bit bad. There are elevators don't know when is not deliberately designed to stop frightening. Since it is a theme hotel, except the appearance and some vintage props, but actually has a lot of work the next.
  • savant-elite
    Nice hotel with hot water is very hot, Metro station is also very near, South Gong and drum lane and yummy is close to 10 minutes
  • daisyfan
    Hidden alleys of theme hotel, room 80, comic books, rabbits can cause the memory of that time. room with a travel package is a set of toiletries, was health care, this requires special praise. Hotel near subway a bit distance, takes more than 10 minutes on foot, but alley bars are a good way to relax his goal.
  • fansfan
    Retro theme, nice
  • Doris221
    Nice, service was very good, to come to Beijing, have lived here
  • e03353364
    Set room Shi see evaluation and hotel photos, think theme and atmosphere are good, hotel in alley in, has a party home alley primary school, is original of County Palace, is paper track protection units, near Line 5 line and Line 2 line, first blocking Beijing travel, decisive select Metro, many foreigners like in alley in riding with bike through, also like sitting around drinking chat, Beijing taste and literary bar of mixed sense.
  • ninoable
    Hotel is also very convenient, health and service are good, is the sound is not very good, Hall's voice clearly heard in the room.
  • e03209462
    From the Lama Temple and the Imperial College is very close to the sense of nostalgia is strong.
    Very good theme hotel, especially equipped with a very user-friendly, is the Spring Festival prices make people feel bad.
  • evelyn_jiang
    16 people spent 1 hour-room was small but very clean and far away from the Metro, walk about 10 minutes
  • jeffery74
    Rooms are simple and comfortable, staff answer, value for money very good. is surrounded by Imperial College Street, I think there's nothing to go, into dark alleys to be afraid, so afraid to late, spent two days or is it just went to the bustling Wangfujing.
  • crux_5
    Like the nearby environment, the old Beijing style, contact travel back here, sleep well.
  • dirnet
    Travel compared multiple Hotel Hou scheduled of, no disappointed, staying day is mid-Autumn Festival intimate of gift has cakes?, distance GUI Street is near Metro walk about 10 minutes, room is unlikely to but facilities ranging, daily are has wow haha big rabbit and mineral water free supply, Elevator card is security, small problem is wash finished clothes drying no what space may and several dinner of total with a transformation compound Hotel door slightly explicit mess, but General not effect, away from shopWhen there is a small gift, because it was at the alley lived here can feel Beijing Hutong culture of the old city, right?
  • sjx0513
    Fever waitress well traveled are unfortunately his girlfriend really helped the next opportunity will come again to this store
  • beatlesa
    A little bit biased
  • gede886
    It's OK
  • e00120021
    Very clean, to nanluoguxiang and Wangfujing is also more convenient, while hotels in the alley a bit difficult to find
  • Jasonsnow1978
    Very distinctive hotel, room very good
  • Freyja1102
    Hotel is good nostalgic feeling good, is the toilet there is no separation of wet and dry a bit inconvenient, pretty quiet in the alley to nearby attractions are also convenient, is not breakfast if you send official website booking breakfast
  • Ryan person-wood
    Yes, very characteristic
  • e00128610
    Good, very good
  • JessicaG
    At put Lama Temple and Imperial College two a shop lane mixed has, but away from have is near does! room not is big, facilities General's, 368 of price slightly explicit small your has. but is interesting of is room in enamel mug, little book, vintage phone and lamp ~ room in all items are is free using of, including a wash appliances (folding toothbrush and folding comb is practical), also has two a AD calcium milk, two big rabbit toffee ~ haha, so heart of small moves added points has. out hasHotel is a 8 minutes walk to bus, Metro station is slightly farther is not alone at night through the alley so far ...
  • super921
    Very good, the hotel staff was super good ~ facilities is very good, remote room of the hot-water heat is a bit late, looking improvement. will choose next time ~
  • braveding
    Very satisfaction of once staying, hotel theme is clear, nostalgia wind, lobby and the room colored device and the details are is note, enamel cup, comic-book, thousand paper crane, big rabbit toffee,. room is unlikely to, but is fine, wash supplies is P&G of, service attitude also is good! through Hou Xiang is Lama Temple Street, away from South drums Xiang and GUI Street are is near, away from shop Shi also sent has small gift, haha, is when play of Tin, can Shang clockwork of, thick of childhood memories Ah! sex priceRatio is very high, highly recommended!
  • Mm deep and soul-mm
    Service was warm, girlfriend very happy with hotel really is hard to do
  • So`need
    I really cant recommend this hotel enough. Its clean, the staff is great, the location is awesome (near Guijie, Lama Temple, and several metro stations) and the wifi works pretty well. The hutong its in is awesomelots to do and eat. Try the Yunnan place directly nearby, its pretty good.
  • wjj667598
    Kind of health service staff was very gentle
  • lanci9512xxx
    Hotel special clean health, is nostalgia. around traffic also is convenient, away from Metro station probably go 10 minutes around on to has. wash supplies, are is home common of brand, is with similar cans of plastic transparent bottle loaded of, let people feel is comfortable. breakfast 20 Yuan/bit, feel slightly somewhat your, after all can select of food limited, but dining of place special good, let people can comfortable, comfortable of in inside dining.
  • Peter Vonnie
    The most traditional places in Beijing, eat everything.
  • jimsbang
    A four mouth see had reviews staying a late, is comfortable, wife adults said next also can again to live. but two a kid only with we respectively sleep, no enough big of bed, also no baby bed. here as couples hotel is is good of. waiter of work is good, in front desk to children hot milk of when put himself water Cup took out with has. Although not advocates this practices, but also is is warm to solution has I of problem.
  • Susanfangfang
    Very nice hotel, good environment, good condition, is the room too small.
  • bfeng
    Good very tasty hope sound better
  • Robin123
    Good room, bathroom odor, environment good, great atmosphere
  • lisayan1205
    Very distinctive hotel, clean, mainly those equipment is brought back memories of the
  • jxn1028
    All the best, the hotel stay and especially great service friendly
  • le619
    Factory hotel, very clean. toiletries available, also has a 'comic book, full cream, paper crane.' South Gong and drum lane walk about 15 minutes.
  • d628an
    Hotel is very characteristic, also outdoor restaurant and a big screen outside the hotel, night do to make bubbles slowly outside, the room was clean, bed was comfortable and room layout has many childhood memories, especially, is at the hotel alley took a while. (Bed in the photo is personal stuff please ignore)
  • nice_ming
    Left a good memory, returned to find the feeling of a child ... the hotel is very clean and cozy, night clubbing a lot of people.
  • milanamy
    Invisible by day, clearing is an open-air cinema in the evening, and blower not blower