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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
гостиница 'время и ностальгия' (Юнхэгун, Пекин) (Nostalgia Hotel (Beijing Lama Temple)), отель расположен в восточной части города, в непосредственной близости от переулка дома, на внутренней улице у стабилизатора, недалеко от метро 5 - й линии, новомост или 2 - й линии Юнхэгун, стабильной двери около 10 минут ходьбы, рядом с Дворцом юнхэгун (храм юнхэгун), древним вузом высшей школы, находится недалеко.пешком можно добраться до храма Конфуция, улицы, алтарь, парк, наньчжун Лейн, центральный театральный институт и задняя часть барабанной башни отдыха в море, общественный транспорт может быть прямо через ворота тяньаньмэнь, гугун, Ван фуцзин, Северное море, гунфу цин, храм неба и другие достопримечательности.отель расположен на расстоянии 10 минут от аэропорта.около 20 минут езды по улице в китайском международном выставочном центре (павильоне), сельскохозяйственном выставочном павильоне и посольстве, павильоне, рабочем стадионе, баре « тринитон».больница традиционной китайской медицины пекинского медицинского университета, больница восточных прямых ворот Пекинского университета китайской медицины, пекинская больница куагмайра, главная больница сухопутных войск, все автомобили в течение 20 минут.отель расположен на трех этажах и состоит из трех серий: « прогуляйтесь по переулкам», « прогуляйтесь по воспоминаниям», « прогуляйтесь по детству».старая мебель из дерева вяз, мобильный телефон, ретроградная лампа, эмалированная чайная чашка, а также 75 различных ручных роспись в номере, ностальгия элементов в творческой форме капель проникает в дизайн отеля.проходя через глубокий переулок, редкий промышленный парк в переулке ворвался в шторы, прогуливался по временам, искал воспоминания, дом 46 дворца ожидает от государя приятного вкуса.
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  • winnie25809555
    In recent times to Beijing Hotel room
  • bbmaya
    Good sense. health, environment, Nice in every way.
  • realing111
    It's OK
  • jally-168
    Good location, easy to play
  • gemma723
    Very good
  • dd12590
    In alley in of this is interesting of theme hotel, name special literary-time walk, is location kind of partial HA-had to mention of is this of front desk service, is too good has, we silly of put luggage pulled in downstairs, front desk active help sent has up. we check out of when also met a not told truth of guest, front desk service personnel always very patience to with guest communication, also reminded guest which note matters! this service attitude is too praise has!
  • janetjw
    In online see reviews is high, to has zhihou think service and environment are also good, only insufficient is room too small's, but seems Teito of hotel are is small, worthy of is land inch gold Ah, for live has three days, clean health what are is good of, wired network soon, wireless also is not too stable, is and other room public with of, hotel is located in Alley, environment also is good, traffic words, bus than Metro convenient-
  • weifendream
    In party home alley inside, nostalgia of is art fan, but health, supplies Shang is obviously good Yu shortcut hotel. bed is comfortable, around has many is interesting of shop, no South drums Xiang of noisy, is more has a few minutes comfortable! traffic slightly poor, from settled door within Street and party home alley handover go to near points. not for since driving tour staying. dinner is convenient's. hotel of service also has upgrade space, some beverage or cookies, live guest need of products in front desk prepared points not difficult Ah. anyway also isRecommended!
  • donna114
    Hotels in Fang alley near the near the Lama Temple, traveling very convenient. rooms are clean and quiet ... had a good rest. In short a word well! Next time also.
  • loverun2008
    Hotel is small, but the location is really really nice, turn to the Lama Temple, and waiters are very cute sweet, so a small disadvantage ignored
  • gensing
    Very satisfied with the stay, extremely old Beijing style!
  • njsdw
    Room slightly small, very quiet, very warm, very clean, nice, the hospital environment is very good,
  • smilewyw
    Feels similar to the Oct within the ER Huan Tong literary
  • emmermeer
    Well, it is a bit small
  • nicole1818
    Yes, Yes
  • mldmm
    In an alley, if the luggage is not recommended, because the average CAB will not go in. Hotel in a yard, built by the yard is the factory, hospital and other food and beverage (Yunnan). Bad attitude of service. are clean. Lama Temple and yummy in the vicinity, tourism and food and drink can.
  • js. light
    Very romantic, service, clean! facilities.
  • green0apple
    Location is very convenient, next door to the Lama Temple, Beijing's most famous yummy is walking distance, is the petty bourgeoisie who travel a good choice, particularly worthy of praise is the lobby on the first floor there was a child's toy, can take away a souvenir, found childhood memories.
  • i7069
    Environment is very good drops-room a little too small-and very convenient street-snack Ogo always line-but eating is also a good drop-on both sides of a?
  • caglli
    Location was good, room was very nostalgic, service also good ~!
  • timyang
    Hotel location away from Metro walk probably 10 a few minutes Bell, then go to party home alley of Central on to has, hotel clean health, overall feel also is good, bed very comfortable including pillow, wash supplies are is good, is room is unlikely to, but also matter, I and friends to of this days are is evening. hotel opposite also has home foot therapy shop, night back to massage has about, comfortable Ah, I is satisfaction here.
  • clubcar
    Is located in party home alley, not drive words into to also can, around are is coffee shop,. foreigners pretty more of. overall style is interesting of, especially $literal are, room is unlikely to is clean. also has two star big rabbit toffee, because with children staying, children see toffee special happy. also has a box full of cream! ointment is drive into alley too hard has. good breathtaking
  • beltpang
    Very clean and very warm, with Beijing characteristics!
  • maggielw
    Yummy and very close to the Lama Temple, the traffic is very convenient, environment is also very good, next time you'll go to!
  • everstar
    If your TV can be installed 'barley box' just fine, now nothing can see program
  • lilu9902
    Traffic around, eating convenient, quiet. from the Lama Temple is also near HA! front desk staff is also very good ... next time I go to Beijing will also take into account live!
  • bigtreewang
    Good location, nice attitude is also very good! yummy, Lama Temple is very near! very nice!
  • ALLEN0820
    This year scheduled found hotel is I last year staying of that between, last year is Greentree Inn Union Hotel. staying Hou feel new, compared has features, especially provides wash supplies, is practical. mention a recommends, since is nostalgia hotel, except wall painting, device, also can provides other more nostalgia of elements, like video games of rental, like when food of sold, also has nostalgia items of sale and so on.
  • xuecunren
    Wireless is not very good, others are also good
  • lina0604
    Good, next time will go live
  • ben7788
    Feeling pretty warm drops for generation, hotel non-consumption items, send butterscotch, and AD calcium milk free, 800 meters from the subway station, eating is very convenient
  • godsus
    Nice, convenient, clean and sanitary
  • liuyio2007
    Around environment is quiet of, in Alley inside, drive not too good into, so walk compared convenient. service also good, is enthusiasm. other of place are also good, bathroom floor drain some not too unobstructed. has is not too good of is noise too poor has, around dry points what are can know, but now of hotel are almost, hope everyone don't met on son energy strong of live guest's.
  • jiyijia82
    Very unique hotels, place to live very close to Imperial College and Yonghegong, close to Metro station, aftertaste of Hutong life when I was young, it feels good. service attitude is good, health and clean, very satisfactory stay.
  • buffon851227
    Hotel is nice, more than I expected, in an alley within Andingmen, around some of the party's coffee shop, such as mini bar, is ideal for a casual get-together. Will recommend to friends. The only downside is the insulation of the room is bad.
  • asdasdasd
    Hotel where location is good, alley inside, very has features! door is a movie restaurant, daily night also has open movie can see. out traffic is convenient, bus can to many place, Metro also not far. away from GUI Street, South drums Xiang are very near, go go around on to has. room nostalgia theme, for we 70,80 of people for, too has feel has! next to also live here.
  • alfalfa732
    Good good
  • maggieunistar
    Reform makes me feel and room facilities were very warm, very good!
  • TF heart
    Drive a bit inconvenient
  • mjyboy
    Hotel, service very good, my friend was satisfied with
  • ling82125
    Three 57th crossing North, newly renovated, nice, next time you live here
  • lilito
    Room is clean, comfortable and quiet, the surrounding places to eat.
  • e00174503
    Which is very nice
  • cloverjil
    And we think it's great
  • flyingspide
    Hotel decoration was unique, the service is also very good, is slightly far from the subway station, about 10-15 minutes.
  • tianyunying
    Okay, hard to find
  • funny07
    Hotel is in an alley, hotel and many young artists and foreigners, nice, is the checkout invoice machine is broken, no open invoices in a timely manner, after I mailed, but missed one word in invoice header, hope in at the front desk were more careful
  • minmi_Wu
    Travel easy
  • caojianply
    Hotel maximum of features is is clean, night is quiet. only of shortcomings is room somewhat small, for we a three mouth staying, feel small has some. but children is like, daily has free eat of WOW haha, also has toy can play. hotel of location also is good of, away from Metro is near, to where are convenient, buy eat of also convenient. next to Beijing also is will consider this shop of.